THE SET DESIGN IN THE OTHER PLACE (at the Alley Theatre) IS EVERYTHING THE PLAY SHOULD HAVE BEEN. Michael Schweikardt, Set Designer.

Houston Press Review

“The verdict:

It’s not often that set design gets talked about in the final evaluation of a show, but it bears mentioning here. Perhaps to offset the competing tones, blown mysteries and big overwrought but biteless scenes, Michael Schweikardt has designed a set so minimal that only one upholstered club chair graces the black box stage for 90 percent of the show. Clear bulbs hang over the perimeter of the space to flicker whenever Juliana spirals away from her lecture to a memory in the past or a scene from her future. A final scene brings a handsome looking door and some lovely rain. It’s simple and elegant and clean. Everything that this production isn’t.”

Full review here.

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