Kirk Cambridge-Del Pesche

Make-Up Design

KIRK CAMBRIDGE-DEL PESCHE hails from the beautiful West Indies archipelago of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. He proudly boasts an eclectic blend of ethnicities.

As a youth, his Grandparents and mother ensured that he was exposed to a vast array of cultures, foods, people and experiences.

The embodiment of hard work and sacrifice whilst always putting his best foot forward by giving 110% to tasks and opportunities presented, instilled during his upbringing.

With a portfolio that includes work with MAC Cosmetics,  BareMinerals, Broadway; Tours; TV; Boston Ballet; Boston Lyrics Opera; Opera Company of Philadelphia; Boston Symphony Orchestra; New York Symphony Orchestra; and host of other things, he has crafted and curated a noteworthy and unique interpretation of Colour, Techniques and Applications.

Kirk Cambridge-Del Pesche "KCD", made his Broadway debut as Make-up Designer for the productions “Trouble In Mind" and "Clyde's" and quickly followed up with "Skelton Crew."

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